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Get up and achieve

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Muscle Heroes gets you in shape!


Your individual training and nutrition plan. Workouts and exercises adapted to your fitness level.


Train everywhere

Outside, at home or on holiday. No need for weights or equipment, just your body weight.

Designed especially for you

Beginner or advanced, we provide the right plan for your fitness level.

Eat healthy
      without going hungry

A simple diet suitable for every day. Also suitable for vegans.

Long-term results

Short workouts instead of long training sessions. A successful proven method to achieve permanent and visible results.

Success is
is what you make of it


Start now for free:

The Muscle Heroes show you how you become the hero!


Muscle Heroes Pro

Meet your goals at your own pace that's tailored to you

Hero workouts and fixed training plans

With your weekly training and nutrition plan, you will increase your fitness level all at your own pace. Warmups, workouts, stretching and nutrition, the complete package for you.

Long-term results

Not a rushed job! The best combination of workouts and nutrition to get into hero shape for the long-term.

Dietary concept

Less rules, more knowledge
Vegans, vegetarians, omnivores - suitable for everyone
Simple, fast, weekly recipes


The Community

Be part of the hero movement. Compete with friends, meet like-minded people. Other Muscle Heroes will be with you every step of the way.

Let yourself be motivated and driven.Become a Community Hero.
You're not alone. Meet like-minded people
Network with the Community and get Results, Chat, Post, Motivate


Decide now

Your training. Proven workouts. Long-term results. Individually tailored to your fitness level.

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