Muscle Heroes – What you can expect

Muscle Heroes Pro Meet your goals at your own pace that's tailored to you

Outside, at home or on holiday. No need for weights or equipment, just your body weight.

We will be with you every step of your heroic journey! With your weekly training and nutrition plan, you will increase your fitness level all at your own pace. Warmups, workouts, stretching and nutrition, the complete package for you. You do not need expensive exercise equipment or special skills. We guide you, motivate you and stand by your side. We have few rules and a lot of knowledge!

Long-term success - short workouts instead of long training sessions.

Not a rushed job! The best combination of workouts and nutrition to get into hero shape for the long-term. A successful proven method to achieve permanent and visible results.

Each area of physical musclulature is targeted. Your goal is set. Whether you want more muscule, to get leaner or healthier, Muscle Heroes will help you to achieve it.

The Community Be part of the hero movement.

Compete with friends, meet like-minded people. Other Muscle Heroes will be with you every step of the way.

Heroes do not always fight alone. We are a Community that supports and challenges each other! You can also follow your friends, share your successes or compete with them in groups. Network with the Community and get results, chat, post, motivate.